Taking bookings for 2020

Well hello ahh where did the decade go? One minute I am fresh faced sipping a Long Island Iced tea in my favourite bar haunt trying to work out what day it is, The next I am buying potting mix on a Sunday morning at Bunnings wondering when I turned into my mother?

That aside, I have reorganised my life in our tiny house again after a year of travelling plus “Mum-ing” and I am back at my design and taking bookings for the year ahead.

With a little super woman juggling I figure I can take on 3 large projects a month or 6 small at the moment and probably lots of little fun creative add ons in between because I love what I do … Plus I never did learn how to say no when it comes to interiors or arty collabs.

Ask me about renovations, Hit me up for colour consulting, Email me your plans, dreams or ideas and I would love to chat. Are you building your dream home or just tarting up your current abode? Opening a cafe or freshening up an office space to reflect your new direction for the year, If you want to create a space with personality … I have stacks and I am willing to share.

I love Darwin and most importantly I am from Darwin so I have the right contacts and I live for interiors, furniture, homewares & art. Contact me … let’s be friends!



23.10.16 ‘Be great’

I find great pleasure in doing what people say cannot be done. In all things… but especially in design.



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Some things that have been inspiring me this week:



This amazing open plan coastal home with a central courtyard (to much white furniture for my liking but the house itself is amazing!)

rainforest rainforest-home rainforest-deck

Off the grid rainforest living in one of my favourite parts of the world…Cape Trib.. This home is beaut! If you haven’t visited this part of the world you really should.

jungle-kitchen jungle-home jungle-deck jungle-bathroom jungle-5 jungle-4 jungle-3 jungle-2 jungle-1

Living in a tropical jungle in Cairns in a home like this one looks pretty appealing to me. We are looking to buy in this area…maybe.

Ok that’s all from me for today. I am design scheming again all week and need to complete afew jobs before the end of the month hits.