‘Hottest of the dry’

Have you seen my latest article of “must have” items in this months Darwinlife Magazine? Below are prices and links to where you can find these local delights. 

As always I support local businesses and hope you do too whenever possible.

Please note I am not paid to feature any items, I have selected these pieces as part of the trend forecasting work that I do. For collaborations please use the contact form on this site and we can make a time to chat.

  1. Parrot print available from Messa Living * Various frames/canvas sizes available. Image currently in store 1200Hx900W $440
  2. Mariana’ Spirit of design sunset earrings – Paraphernalia from $80
  3. Teal glassware $12 each (lots of other colours and styles available) & Timber picnic table $95 for small/ $159 for large – Sekada Homewares
  4. ‘Museum 861’ rust rug by Unitex rugs from $220 (Various sizes) & “Orphan’ chair by Sketch Furniture in blush coloured velvet – Cam Interiors 
  5. Charlie dress’ by Catherine Murphy (Many other colour/ styles available in store) & ‘Wouf’ clutch purses from $65 – Elevated Boutique Parap




‘What can I help with?’

*** Please be advised I have limited availability for May – July at this stage. ***

Need interior design for your home, business or venue?

Need help with finishing touches, the specification of items or styling?

Need help with the actual purchasing of items or to know where to find an elusive treasure?

Need an event styled? I am sorry I am fully booked for weddings for this dryseason so contact me early for this service.

Use the contact form on this site or send an email to design@ladydarwin.com.au and you will generally hear back within 24 hours …  don’t bother calling, I only answer numbers I know and even then it is a 50/50 gamble.



‘LDD Coastal home’

Nautical crisp white, azure blue and hints of red with old mismatched timber on a neutral backdrop with wicker and rattan added for depth, This style is a timeless classic for a reason.

For further project details see below or contact me via website form.

Concept design: Lady Darwin Design classic seaside abode

Sumatra basket style pendant light by Zanui

Framed sea fan home decor by LDD

Vintage Japanese glass buoys by LDD supplier of nautical treasure

Midnight blue paint colour by Haymes Paint

Crustacean cushions by Whirlpool bathshop

Persian Knot collection rug by Armadillo & Co. LDD is a retailer of this range

Rattan hooded bed by the Rattan collective

‘A new fierce year!’

Happy new year to all my mad ones!

It just dawned on me that it is late Jan and I haven’t posted in a while but I do have limited availability for new projects and collaborations if you get in quick. Busy little me has been toiling away on a few things –  renovations and plans and projections for the new year of design ahead, I love this time of year! it feels so full of opportunities and pathways to delve into. I look at January like a fresh forest to explore …or to get lost in.

I am making some changes to the way I operate and am taking 12-24 months leave of commercial design where I have been somewhat enjoyably chained to working for other people, which I have never been 100% satisfied doing for the better part of a decade. Instead I will take the time to focus on what I am really passionate about and I can’t wait to have more time to aim for the sort projects and clients that really take my fancy.

Stay tuned for a fiery and fierce resurgence of work as my creative energies are feeling fully restored, it is like the flames of passion that I have for design have been restoked from smouldering red glowing embers into a full-blown yellow orange bonfire… and I am excited.



‘Booked out!’

Hi friends

I am now fully booked for the rest of the year for all Interior Design, Renovations and Project Management and taking bookings for late January and beyond now.

If you would like to go on a waiting list for any cancellations in the next month please send me an email with details of your project.

For styling or events I can still fit in some dates pre Christmas but appreciate as much notice as possible.

Thanks for stopping by my site!



‘Darwin design delays’

Thanks for dropping by my site!

If you are looking for me and my phone has rang unanswered again fear not…I am somewhere not far away working on a house, or a hotel or hand sewing flowers onto a table centrepiece…infact probably all 3 like the crazy little multi tasking, creative juggling, one stop design shop that is Lady Darwin Design so depending on the hour… I am either on site smiling at builders, scowling at my desk or sitting in my kitchen with my faithful hound little Angus by my side wondering how many hours this is going to take and just when exactly I might be going to walk him again next.

Flick me a text or an email and I will get back to you. At the moment I am all booked out with large scale venue design and afew major home renovations on the go but I will always try to make time for new projects no matter how big or small because design is my life…and I want to help you improve it in yours.

I recently updated my profile on the Creative women’s circle in a whirl of productivity so check out the huge range of creative lady bosses listed on here, it is so exciting to be a part of this creative hub.

My photographer friend took this photo while we ate cheese, drank wine and gossiped in my kitchen last year. I feel really lucky to know so many creative talented people. Contact me if you would like me to put you in touch with any arty types or associated tradies as I am always here to help.