‘What has become of the yardhouse studio?’

I have long been fascinated by a pile of timber, covered with colourful scales of concrete that makes up the Yardhouse studio in an industrial estate somewhere I have never been in London. The lolly hued concrete shingles got me going all gaga when I first stumbled upon it on instagram and I have been drawn to it, wanted it ever since.

The colours remind me of dainty, sticky, sugary sweet fairy floss, of going to the show as a little girl and conning someone into buying my floss and a fairy with a big tulle skirt on a stick to carry around.

The Yardhouse, by Assemble was originally intended and constructed as a shared collaborative space for rent I believe, I am not sure how that worked out or how long it operated for but it cant be more than afew years and I hear it was dismantled and put up for sale last year so now I want to know who bought it? Who buys pastel bricks and timber and how much would they pay for this loveliness? How do they transport it? Does it remind them of hansel and gretel and the gingerbread house of my childhood fairy tales too? Or what does it remind them of?

I am curious who wanted this and what they would do with it and where they would take it? I would buy it!, I would live in it! I would create an eclectic boho barn house nautical mish mash of my own styling and live happily ever after in it with the fella and the dog…and the baby and it would be bliss.

So does anyone know? What has become of the Yardhouse from the Sugar yard? 

‘Booked out!’

Hi friends

I am now fully booked for the rest of the year for all Interior Design, Renovations and Project Management and taking bookings for late January and beyond now.

If you would like to go on a waiting list for any cancellations in the next month please send me an email with details of your project.

For styling or events I can still fit in some dates pre Christmas but appreciate as much notice as possible.

Thanks for stopping by my site!



9.10.16 ‘A week of wonders’

I have some weird and wonderful things on my creative plate this week.

It’s a mid sized plate… larger than a desert plate, sayyyyy somewhere in between an entree plate and a full fat piggy platter.

It has been one of those unexpectedly varied weeks of styling, sourcing, designing, treasure hunting and thinking up ideas that I can’t really describe so I am just going to show you some tid-bits and leave you with it so that I can get on with the creative fun-ness and design scheming that I am ever so god damn good at.

paper-houses-i-made kc-is-a-creative-geniusvipp brika-pop-up-shop4 10e-cyclamenmy-new-spaceviabellemaison1-via-discoverinteriordesignmy little helper this week

That is all for now, no further clues just know that I am working on some little gems of projects, planning away like mad and have my fingers in many little cauldrons that are all bubbling away nicely. 😉


11.9.16 ‘Surrounded by pretty things & light’

Those who worship don’t know, and those who know don’t worship. 

credenza-renobook-ends new-rug-love rose-quartz-at-home

bamboo-floors shell-chair

These are snippets of things I am working on for one client or another…Or trying to. My floor hasn’t been swept all week and my garden could do with a good watering so I am busy busy but busy is good and I’ve still managed to have early nights mostly.

Now for some design inspiration you might be able to use:

Home styling tips for a family friendly stylish home by Emily Henderson who I adore.

The very stylish Emily Hendersen has a home style similar to me. Boho eclectic with lots of personal touches.
The very stylish Emily Hendersen has a home style similar to me. Boho eclectic with lots of personal touches.

The most gorgeous bedroom gallery EVER. I love nearly all of them and now want to revamp my own bedroom.

dreamy bedroomdark-bedroom

Some ‘Ikea hacks’ worth a look. I feel like the term ‘ikea hack’ itself has been used to death but I still can’t help checking out any blog post with that title for creative ideas on how to use cheap and cheerful furniture and accessories, Who doesn’t love a bargain?

w620_h800-2 w620_h800-1 w620_h800

A seriously cool apartment home tour of a fiber artist/ weaver chick who I just discovered and now want to buy all her stuff.


Ok no more design preaching for me today because I have a lovely ladies fashion luncheon to attend…korean food paired with NZ sav blanc… my day is set!



4.9.16 ‘When sunday turns into a work day too’

Maybe you need help renovating your home?

Maybe you are building a new home and need help making selections? Which bench top, which tiles, how do you choose which lights to use thoughout?

Maybe you rented your home out and now you want to update it to move back into again after your tenants trashed it?

Maybe your kids have left home and now you are dreaming of turning their old rooms into something more useful…a studio, a music room? Can that wall be knocked down you ponder?

Maybe you are starting a new business and want to create an inviting space to attract clients into?

Maybe you are hosting an event and want it to be the most stunningly beautiful memorable party anyone has ever seen, but you don’t have 1 creative bone in your body?

I can help with all of these things and lots LOTS more. But not this week I can’t. Probably not this month actually as I am currently working on all of the above bits and pieces for people who already called me and booked my services.

Be proactive folks PLAN –  Make bookings in advance … don’t call me today in the hope that I will come and see you tomorrow morning as I probably  won’t. Not unless you start your email request with “Large scale multi million dollar development required”.




decor-pmy-prints Clock Lady Darwin dinner partyScreen Shot 2016-09-07 at 6.38.48 AM Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 6.35.34 AM IMGP1931-Copy-669x1000 Cool exterior


Lady Darwin Design musings

I like passionate, colourful people. I enjoy watching tiny bubbles float to the top of delicately thin champagne flutes and the sound a cheezels packet makes when you pop the foil open. I am who I am. I have come to realise that I might smile more than most other people do and I laugh when I am alone, or even more so when I catch the dog looking at me strangely. I enjoy my own company nearly as much as I enjoy design… or looking at it.

I analyse most of the humans who I stand behind in lines. For this reason I try to avoid lines.

I don’t like ignorance or excuses or people who talk slowwwww. I stare at my hands sometimes when I am procrastinating over a deadline of some sort, Willing them to create something good. I should have been a hand model.

I detest authority… Rules and the people who try to set them onto others are, in my mind here for mental toying with .. a long lost, but cherished pastime of mine.

Here is some of my inspiration, Pretty things and spaces that I enjoy staring at:

1467989410 1467989414 1467989427 1467989434 Industrial-trolley Kartell master chair tumblr_ns9kbnh5sc1qi73s5o1_1280 w318_h590 w620_h800 w703_h654