‘Seafoam & sage’

A rural home full of soft and muted greens of seafoam, sage and silver leaf against warm coral, terracotta (making a huge come back) and rusty toned reds.

For further project details see below or contact me via website form.

‘Me armchair’ in sage alice upholstery by Sketch furniture, available at Cam Interiors 

Unitex Woven wool skandi Chevron rug also by Cam Interiors

Custom Stoneware pottery by Darwin artist Cecily Willis (contact me for details)

‘Seamist’ paint colour from pastel vogue collection by Haymes Paint

Tassel fringe Cushions by Eyes of India

Round bohemian cushion in dusty pink by Miann & Co

Colour selection, various textiles by LDD, Dash & Albert rugs

‘Low tide’ copper handpainted wall covering by Sarah Ruby Design

Bedroom furniture selection, custom design and construct available by LDD

‘H series bamboo Moso fan’ by Haiku

4.9.16 ‘When sunday turns into a work day too’

Maybe you need help renovating your home?

Maybe you are building a new home and need help making selections? Which bench top, which tiles, how do you choose which lights to use thoughout?

Maybe you rented your home out and now you want to update it to move back into again after your tenants trashed it?

Maybe your kids have left home and now you are dreaming of turning their old rooms into something more useful…a studio, a music room? Can that wall be knocked down you ponder?

Maybe you are starting a new business and want to create an inviting space to attract clients into?

Maybe you are hosting an event and want it to be the most stunningly beautiful memorable party anyone has ever seen, but you don’t have 1 creative bone in your body?

I can help with all of these things and lots LOTS more. But not this week I can’t. Probably not this month actually as I am currently working on all of the above bits and pieces for people who already called me and booked my services.

Be proactive folks PLAN –  Make bookings in advance … don’t call me today in the hope that I will come and see you tomorrow morning as I probably  won’t. Not unless you start your email request with “Large scale multi million dollar development required”.




decor-pmy-prints Clock Lady Darwin dinner partyScreen Shot 2016-09-07 at 6.38.48 AM Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 6.35.34 AM IMGP1931-Copy-669x1000 Cool exterior


Sunday session 22.11.15

“Dangerously glamorous but self obsessed. “ This is my quote of the week after I received an email from a random subscriber labelling me this. I think it was meant as an insult, judging by the rest of the email (some people are strange creatures who delight in inflicting their insecurities on to others) but I am taking it as a compliment and running with it.


 “Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.” ~Alice Walker 

I was inspired by this quote and it made me feel like the work I do and the homes I design have real power –  not just the benefits for the inhabitants of the home but for me too.

In saying that though I have done ZERO design work this week and it has been very bloody enjoyable. I have been flat chat with commercial work so it’s a nice change to not have other projects on the go like a deranged clown- like juggling act. I have actually slept in past 6am on several occasions this week.

Black ravine ... my new favourite
Black ravine … my new favourite

Yesterday I unpacked a box labelled ‘Kitchen treasures which, judging by the newspaper that each item was carefully wrapped in I hadn’t seen the contents of since 2010. This box has been stashed away in a cupboard gathering dust and cockroach poo waiting to my kitchen to be renovated so that I had room to display these pieces and now, I am thrilled to say it has been don- My reno is nearly complete.

One beautiful porcelain chinese dinner set with hexagon shaped plates that belonged to my grandparents for many years, Some small ribbed glass trays made by a local Darwin artists (whose name escapes me right now), an olive dish and a coconut serving platter with carved serving forks. I adore kitchen utensils, I am a little bit obsessed by them.. them and recipe books too I can’t get enough of, I love to cook so the kitchen is my favourite part of my little house.


I drank tea with my dear nan and gossiped the morning away.


I painted a branch from my garden in bright turquoise and will hang it in my window later this week and call it a christmas tree (stay tuned for how that goes.) This was my inspiration…but mine will be better than this. J3154


Some of what I have ben reading this week that I wanted to share:

Where to buy art online. As anyone who has been reading this blog for awhile will know I am a big believer in buying local art by actual local artists… you just can’t beat something that someone has hand created, putting a part of their soul into their work instead of a mass produced bit of paper made with a few clicks of a computer, understand the difference? BUT I understand this is not always within clients budget and some people just don’t know how to select art so I thought I would share this for those of you who have no clue. (Hot tip right here – hire me and I will help you get a clue about art).

w620_h480-1 w620_h480

I read about this Aussie Designer/ Photographer Martyn Thompson. “Though his photographs are tinged with melancholy, in person, Mr Thompson is also decidedly cheerful! Check him out here. Or see some more about him and his sexy New York loft apartment here.


“Newly renovated office space dedicated to creativity” You can see how this headline caught my eye can’t you? This space is amazing. It is along the lines of how my design office will look on day when I have a team of creatives working alongside me. Look here.

Radar-Offices-JP-dela-Chaumette-13-600x900 Radar-Offices-JP-dela-Chaumette-12-600x900 Radar-Offices-JP-dela-Chaumette-10-600x900 Radar-Offices-JP-dela-Chaumette-4-600x900 Radar-Offices-JP-dela-Chaumette-2-600x900


Happy weekend to you. xox