Taking bookings for 2020

Well hello ahh where did the decade go? One minute I am fresh faced sipping a Long Island Iced tea in my favourite bar haunt trying to work out what day it is, The next I am buying potting mix on a Sunday morning at Bunnings wondering when I turned into my mother?

That aside, I have reorganised my life in our tiny house again after a year of travelling plus “Mum-ing” and I am back at my design and taking bookings for the year ahead.

With a little super woman juggling I figure I can take on 3 large projects a month or 6 small at the moment and probably lots of little fun creative add ons in between because I love what I do … Plus I never did learn how to say no when it comes to interiors or arty collabs.

Ask me about renovations, Hit me up for colour consulting, Email me your plans, dreams or ideas and I would love to chat. Are you building your dream home or just tarting up your current abode? Opening a cafe or freshening up an office space to reflect your new direction for the year, If you want to create a space with personality … I have stacks and I am willing to share.

I love Darwin and most importantly I am from Darwin so I have the right contacts and I live for interiors, furniture, homewares & art. Contact me … let’s be friends!



‘What can I help with?’

*** Please be advised I have limited availability for May – July at this stage. ***

Need interior design for your home, business or venue?

Need help with finishing touches, the specification of items or styling?

Need help with the actual purchasing of items or to know where to find an elusive treasure?

Need an event styled? I am sorry I am fully booked for weddings for this dryseason so contact me early for this service.

Use the contact form on this site or send an email to design@ladydarwin.com.au and you will generally hear back within 24 hours …  don’t bother calling, I only answer numbers I know and even then it is a 50/50 gamble.



‘Seafoam & sage’

A rural home full of soft and muted greens of seafoam, sage and silver leaf against warm coral, terracotta (making a huge come back) and rusty toned reds.

For further project details see below or contact me via website form.

‘Me armchair’ in sage alice upholstery by Sketch furniture, available at Cam Interiors 

Unitex Woven wool skandi Chevron rug also by Cam Interiors

Custom Stoneware pottery by Darwin artist Cecily Willis (contact me for details)

‘Seamist’ paint colour from pastel vogue collection by Haymes Paint

Tassel fringe Cushions by Eyes of India

Round bohemian cushion in dusty pink by Miann & Co

Colour selection, various textiles by LDD, Dash & Albert rugs

‘Low tide’ copper handpainted wall covering by Sarah Ruby Design

Bedroom furniture selection, custom design and construct available by LDD

‘H series bamboo Moso fan’ by Haiku

‘A new fierce year!’

Happy new year to all my mad ones!

It just dawned on me that it is late Jan and I haven’t posted in a while but I do have limited availability for new projects and collaborations if you get in quick. Busy little me has been toiling away on a few things –  renovations and plans and projections for the new year of design ahead, I love this time of year! it feels so full of opportunities and pathways to delve into. I look at January like a fresh forest to explore …or to get lost in.

I am making some changes to the way I operate and am taking 12-24 months leave of commercial design where I have been somewhat enjoyably chained to working for other people, which I have never been 100% satisfied doing for the better part of a decade. Instead I will take the time to focus on what I am really passionate about and I can’t wait to have more time to aim for the sort projects and clients that really take my fancy.

Stay tuned for a fiery and fierce resurgence of work as my creative energies are feeling fully restored, it is like the flames of passion that I have for design have been restoked from smouldering red glowing embers into a full-blown yellow orange bonfire… and I am excited.



‘Booked out!’

Hi friends

I am now fully booked for the rest of the year for all Interior Design, Renovations and Project Management and taking bookings for late January and beyond now.

If you would like to go on a waiting list for any cancellations in the next month please send me an email with details of your project.

For styling or events I can still fit in some dates pre Christmas but appreciate as much notice as possible.

Thanks for stopping by my site!



14.5.17 ‘Colour inspo for Darwin Interiors”

I find myself once again in awe of the inspiration that swirls around me in every direction of this paradise that I live in, Some days it is a struggle to get on with day to day tasks when you are surrounded by such immense beauty and any infinite number of distractions.

This is just a fraction of the colours of nature inspiring my projects this week:

Happy weekend to you, Especially if you are a mother on this mothers day you beautiful wild wonderful woman.