Sunday session 31.5.15

Which way is up? This week I have been so busy that I feel like I am living topsy turvy, but in ‘oh my god yee haaa’ kind of way. The commercial firm I work for is busy due to the launch of a sexy new furniture range, my business is super busy, my phone doesn’t stop ringing and I sometimes when I am driving home and it is ringing for the 3rd time in an hour and I haven’t even had a chance to get to the first lot of voicemails yet before pouring a wine I wish I could toss that goddamn phone out the window at high speed. I haven’t yet, but if you get my voicemail one day without it ringing first I just may have done that.

I guess sometimes life in general is just busy and we all need more hours, or we think that we do. Maybe I go to bed too early cos I certainly get up early enough already!

ganghwa upside-down-house2 Upside-downhouseTrassenheide3

Oh did I mention we bought a house this week?! Yes that escalated quickly. Ridiculously exciting and quite terrifying all at once- hello 2nd home also means hello 2nd mortgage and I am fairly shit at saving already.

The fiance and I (yes, I love saying that word...typing it too) celebrating earlier this week when an offer on a home was finally accepted. This has been a long process, so we had a long drink to toast it. See that blow up pool in the background? Won't be needing that anymore as our new house has a huge yard complete with a lovely pool. Notice that tropical green tint I put on the image? That wasn't accidental...that is to indicate how boho cool we will be when we move to cairns one day- stay tuned!
The fiance (yes, I love saying that word…typing it too) and I celebrating earlier this week when an offer on a home was finally accepted. This has been a long process, so we had a long drink to toast it. See that blow up pool in the background? Won’t be needing that anymore as our new house has a huge yard complete with a lovely pool. Notice that tropical green tint I put on the image? That wasn’t accidental…that is to indicate how boho cool we will be when we move to cairns one day- stay tuned!

Here are some pretty pictures of tropical spaces that I will be using as inspo on this new house (none of these are actually our new house I might add- incase you are a crazy stalker) for you to look at in place of my talking about my actual work this week because 15 minutes spent talking (or typing) about it is 15 minutes not actually DOING any work.

97e7bd8b6158826c1f6b0ae29553e878 astounding-modern-tropical-interior-house-decor-innovation-home-ideas Beautiful-Outdoor-Dining-Room-Design-Ideas-With-Tropical-Design1 Beautiful-Tropical-Modern-House-Interior-Ideas Chair170_architecture saville isaacs great-vintage-ladera-resort-st-lucia-in-perfect-tropical-island-with-refreshing-beautiful-green-scenery img_56617_5d198e96c4b8ecb1b1a8f62ea1099ca6_max800x600 Iporanga-designrulz-005 4500 square feet tropical house Tropical-Pool-House-2

Here’s to weekends, here’s to friends and new houses and still being curled up in a swag in the grass with a shocking hangover after another fabulous Adelaide River races oh yes!


Happy sunday to you! xox

Sunday session 24.5.15

My week went something like this: Manic commercial work, New build, new client, best friends baby being born, patio colours, colour consultation, midweek dinner date, kitchen and laundry concept design, client meetings,  visit best friend and said baby (adorable), email quotes to 3 new clients, wonder how it is thursday already, ‘Oh thank god its friday where are we drinking?’ Email quotes to clients, attempt to write 2 design articles (fail), more dinner and catch ups, write ‘stylefile’ article, procrastinate some more about other article that is now overdue, research houses to inspect, do some marketing stuff, drink wine  – The end.

My own projects aside I have been hot at the computer this week spending many early morning hours tapping away at my keyboard. I won’t lie and say it’s been fun cos it hasn’t.

‘Tour the home of a Vogue editor’ ahhh yes thank’s I think I will – you can view it here. 

main.original.585x0-4 main.original.585x0-5

Some design related news on the Melbourne bar scene (not surprising that this caught my eye hey).

bar, moody, boozy- check!
bar, moody, boozy- check!

A pretty Los Angeles loft apartment, I feel like I need a loft apartment in my life:

main.original.585x0-1 main.original.585x0-2 main.original.585x0-3 main.original.585x0

Zuster furniture released their new ‘Halo’ range- I love everything that the guys over at Zuster do so it was no surprise when I instantly fell in love with these pieces too!

7a27ad2d9a374951afc4a52de420fbdd_edited_1431511309 215ed70aef324732a089ae65db9adac0_edited_1431511062 967f2ebc056640afa0942e2e92d61fae_edited_1431511473

While doing some research for a local building company I do some consulting for I came across these stunning houses I wanted to share, I am using elements of each space for an upcoming apartment complex that I am doing the design for – very exciting!

Crating-Luxury-Interior-Garden-Design pns51

eco-balanced6 Kennedy-Nolan-Laver-House-1

So other than work stuff I also attempted to find a wedding venue this week. (Attempted and failed that is) This is not it, but this is one that my friend sent me and it’s quite lovely (In Adelaide) so I thought I would share it anyway. If anyone has ideas for a cocktail function wedding in a pretty garden location  (it can be anywhere from Mornington Peninsula, Darwin, Perth or Bali) please email me as I have ZERO time to organise this at the moment and the months are ticking over very quickly.


I took a virtual tour of a canal home and fell in love with everything about it:



8dc4c8457be6e37546b7b6e88f2735c5 4229e8c17c10835610165f0f4b11f8b3

Anyway that’s it from me- I have 2 bar openings to attend to on this lovely sunday, The fella has flown out to inspect a few houses we are looking to buy (one of them not both of them) – fingers crossed! so I am batching it with a dog called Xander who may or may not like me yet, it’s too early to tell 😉

Happy happy sunday to you from sunny Darwin xox

Yes, yes it is!
Yes, yes it is!




Sunday session 25.1.15

Question everything

“The humble question mark: A stroke and a dot creates a universe. A lightning strike. Over the centuries the symbol has taken on a life of its own. The Japanese and Chinese have now embraced it in their character set. In Arabic, which reads right to left, the question mark is the mirror image. It’s a universal symbol. ___? Fill in the blank. Who. What. Where. When. Easy to ask. Easy to answer. Why. A little word that asks so much. Three letters. So many possibilities. As a designer I question things constantly. ‘Why’ asks us to delve deep, to tap for answers. ‘Why’ is about getting information. We set out on a quest for an answer. The brief lays out the quest, and we begin to ask questions: what are the different ways to express the potential solutions? It’s simple. We do what any good designer does. We take an opportunity and turn it into something that is unique to the situation.

Why is a gateway to possibility. Why is the door to a solution. Turn it around. Q: What happens if you don’t ask why? A: Nothing. It’s human nature to question any situation. To question means to see everything around you. It means being open to and engaged with your environment. That’s how we find scenarios for making things better.

Above is an extract from Design Your Life by Vince Frost, published by Lantern (RRP$49.99). Order your copy here.

I wanted to start this weeks post with that extract from a book that I will be buying as I think it is so important to “art your life”,  to constantly strive to make your life what you want it to be so when I read the above blurb on temple and websters blog I had to share it as it just resonated with me and where I am at in life right now.

Now on to what I have been doing this week… SORTING MY OFFICE…sort of. In between ordering stuff for clients and quoting new projects I try to fit in my own stuff (sourcing bits and bobs for my kitchen reno…yep that’s still going on and drawing plans, or redrawing them for altered ideas at home).

Here is what is on my desk this week that I am working on:

Vintage-cage-Lighting1 IMG_5493 Photo-Frame-Wall-Cube-Shelf-Set-Set-of-3-P15773033 il_570xN.320410839

Plus this, this and this (picking colours for a new build home, a furniture plan and exterior finishes for a renovation project):


I have taken inspiration from Haymes website for some exterior colours
I have taken inspiration from Haymes website for some exterior colours

plan draft 2


The very gorgeous "Fly chair & Tradition" by Design Covet
The very gorgeous “Fly chair & Tradition” by Design Covet

Now what sunday session of mine would be complete without some house stalking. I have fallen in love with this ‘Cubomania’ house in Melbourne.

131130-Alfred-Crescent-0347 131130-Alfred-Crescent-0996 131130-Alfred-Crescent-1181 131130-Alfred-Crescent-1250 131130-Alfred-Crescent-1326 140423-21-Alfred-Cres-1168

And also this Singaporean apartment to die for! I love Singapore it has always been one of my favourite spots to visit.

singapore_apartment_2 singapore_apartment_5

That’s it from me this week, being a long weekend I will be spending my day sipping wine and brahman watching from the porch of my family’s Adelaide River property. Or sitting in the creek cooling off, or listening to the monsoonal rain on the tin roof…I’m not sure which of these it will be yet. Happy Australia day weekend to you all!



Sunday session 4.1.15

My self imposed design hiatus is over and I am back immersed in my little home office (or patio right at this minute) doing what I love…daydreaming about design. I haven’t actually done much of it this year, you know…being 4 days in and all but I HAVE been watching what other people have been doing and if all goes to plan I am aiming to not take on any new projects until mid month to give myself time to finish working on a little secret project that i have been simmering away at – so exciting but also soooo not yet ready so for now I won’t give too much away. Mystery is fun right?

Here’s what has been inspiring me this week:

The New York apartment home of 2 inspiring designers in an area with the coolest name…NoHo.



Bedroom inspo (I love a good bedroom and spend many a hours looking at images and procrastinating over my own bedroom), here’s some helpful tips that I’ve shard with a few clients and a nice “get the look’ article on small bedroom ideas here.




Emily Henderson’s fabulous lounge room – this chicks style is very similar to my own so I can tell you- she has some serious style 😉 you can see the full wrap up of her renovation and a tour of everything here.

Emily-Henderson-Mid-Century-Modern-Leather-Blue-String-Art Emily-Henderson-Mid-Century-Modern-Blue-Relaxed-Bench domino-blue-white-living-room blue-white-vintage-living-room

Glitter Inc is another have spot of mine to browse pretty pictures and dream of far away places. This clever lady posted some good tips on creating a (nearly) all white bedroom- very nice.

white-bedroom-dyed-pillows-680x381 white-bedroom-fireplace-680x381 white-bedroom-via-the-line-680x381 white-gold-cream-bedroom-680x551

Plus these spaces that inspired me for one reason or another, Inspiration for future projects…or just good home porn for me.

a5b4476fff23217f7466296917e10a64 19228_3-lgn 8b9ad0e538c711478b351c60103922d8 67d0d2443a232c6984e8a4600034a394


Enjoy your sunday whatever you are doing and if you are back to work this coming week like a lot of people are my condolences are with you, Remember it is the little things in life that are most important so don’t let the rat race get to you and ALWAYS manage a smile.

to-be-yourself-in-a-world-ralph-waldo-emerson always-smile-730x285



Sunday session 28.12.14

Wow this is my last sunday session for 2014?! (and yes… I am aware it’s late) So if I wasn’t already hysterical due to the end of my holidays looming far too close this would certainly be enough to tip me over the edge. I’m not ready for the new year yet!! who is? I am going to have to delete all the blog subscriptions in my inbox before I am temped to actually read them because if I see one single post gushing “omg it’s the new year and I’m all organised and look at all my fresh ideas and my nice shiny house and my perfectly home cooked meals and my goddamn cheerful kids” post I am going to LOSE MY SHIT.

Here’s some pictures from my desktop to entertain the inner designer in you while I go have a panic attack about 2015 starting to soon. Happy new year everyone. (vomits into wine glass).

6a00d8358081ff69e201676123bec8970b-800wi 10.3.13coastalblueandwhite2 33broadway007 33broadway008 154 721x476 721x541 home-decor-blogs home-decorator

If you to are suffering from ‘HSITNYAS’ …. (Holy shit it’s the new year already syndrome) this article might help you. 🙂 xox

Sunday session 5.10.14

I was thinking earlier this week how lucky I am to live and work back in my hometown, where all of the projects I currently have on the go require me to drive no more than half an hour from my house. I spend my afternoons watching the sky change from a cheerful blue to purple with coral and orange sunset streaking across it and then fade to navy while walking along the stretch of beach that I grew up on. (No wonder I have so much colour inspiration!) In all of my travels I still haven’t found a more tranquil place than East point Fannie Bay. It really is the simple things in life that bring the most joy.

This is what I have been up to, in brief sneaky peaky form.

I love this child’s bedroom and am using parts of this as inspiration for my friends nursery, I really hope she is having a boy as I have lots of boys ideas but not many girls at this stage. Love the mint green and red/ blue stripe combo
This is what I am thinking if said nursery needs to be for a girl, I am over pink and lilac so I am thinking a rainbow mix of gypsy patchwork quilt colours will be my inspiration. I will use vintage babushka dolls as wall decoration and whimsical forrest style prints on the walls

I have been neglecting my own kitchen job again in between everything I am doing for others but every now and then I come across an image and stash it away in my desktop folder as something I will add to our house. The fella has some time off coming up so he will be put to work building shelves this time I think..he isn’t aware of this yet but he soon will be. (cue evil grin).

How fantastic are these lights made from an old bed springs? I am not having these, but I will be having some recycled timber floating shelves
I will also be having lots of these utensil rails cos one can never have enough cooking thingys. I LOVE to cook. love it!
A cute idea, I am having a blackboard door in our kitchen (to write cooking lists on) and cutesy little sayings when the mood so takes me so don’t really need another one like this but I love the idea so I might use it elsewhere to write little love notes on
Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 7.54.06 AM
I have specified this peacock planter (by Vondom) for a local foyer which I think would make a great centrepiece but the building committee think it would attract the admiration of the late night yobbos who live in the building..fair point – it would catch my attention too if I came swanning past it in a lobby all full of champagne and smartarse ideas and I am not gonna lie…I would probably want to ride it too! So I on the hunt for a suitable alternative planter/ vase that still has some wow factory. If you are a supplier and you have something for me get in touch, or if you have seen something lovely- let me know as I am finding this beauty hard to match
Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 8.22.37 AM
As well as loving this dress to WEAR (No i didn’t buy it but i really want to) I am taking the colours from this for a rather bold home I am doing for someone…FINALLY someone is being brave and letting me do some radical jazzing up of things with their old timber house. And yes I will probably give in to temptation and buy the damn dress for a race day function eventually.
I am doing some lighting selections for another client, so far they like nothing I have suggested but we continue to chatter about ideas…and I continue to tell them to “just trust me god dammit” and pick black!


half full
Some furniture I am using for another client, black is popular with me at the moment and I have been talking a few clients not letting me be bold in their renovations.
Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.06.50 AM
Cute! I am TRYING to use this for job at the moment with a bold colour scheme … see further below
Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 8.07.01 AM
Dark denim blue, bold lilac and grey with abit of crisp white plus some hints of copper and cold metals tones – my next project is turning out to be very exciting

Thats it from me today I am exhausted after a day out on the water where I got a STACK of colour inspiration from my friends catamaran and the jewel shades of water and sandy shores and rugged cliffs and yachts …quick someone engage me about doing a nautical inspired home while its all still fresh in my mind 🙂

I don’t often post pics of the fella on my blog but this photo is too gorgeous not too. I will get around to doing that photography course one day soon and then you will be bombarded with my happy snaps
Hello from sunny Darwin!