‘Designer of a different kind’

I have come to realise over the past few busy months that I need to better market myself as the “designer of a different kind” that I really am. I am becoming tired of the day to day design jobs that I am asked to do such as kitchen and laundry renos or selecting furniture for a new home and more and more interested in doing consulting jobs that don’t have definite beginnings or ends and seem to spiral from just a few hours of creative direction into 4 or 5 weeks of work.

Whilst I have been booked for all sorts of jobs recently I guess that am finding that I always get more personal satisfaction from the more offbeat non specific jobs design projects that I do…the ones that start as a little “can you help me pick some colours for my brand and the next thing you know I am sourcing old glass bottles from antique stores and tying them on to the ceiling with rope from my dads old farm while ordering wallpaper from italy and sticking stamps from the op shop all over the wall and wondering how this job spiralled into a full blown creative collaboration between myself and my new found client friend.

I am also tired of trying to explain myself and the work that I do to people who have no creative soul. I get asked to pinpoint what is “my style” which I find such a frustrating and pointless query, usually made by people who have no style or concept of creativity at all.

Trying to explain my favourite style or what the theme of my home is, or even just to describe my work in 1 sentence when the work that I do and what I strive to achieve for clients is so varied that I struggle to accurately even describe my job when people ask what I do for a living.



‘Darwin design delays’

Thanks for dropping by my site!

If you are looking for me and my phone has rang unanswered again fear not…I am somewhere not far away working on a house, or a hotel or hand sewing flowers onto a table centrepiece…infact probably all 3 like the crazy little multi tasking, creative juggling, one stop design shop that is Lady Darwin Design so depending on the hour… I am either on site smiling at builders, scowling at my desk or sitting in my kitchen with my faithful hound little Angus by my side wondering how many hours this is going to take and just when exactly I might be going to walk him again next.

Flick me a text or an email and I will get back to you. At the moment I am all booked out with large scale venue design and afew major home renovations on the go but I will always try to make time for new projects no matter how big or small because design is my life…and I want to help you improve it in yours.

I recently updated my profile on the Creative women’s circle in a whirl of productivity so check out the huge range of creative lady bosses listed on here, it is so exciting to be a part of this creative hub.

My photographer friend took this photo while we ate cheese, drank wine and gossiped in my kitchen last year. I feel really lucky to know so many creative talented people. Contact me if you would like me to put you in touch with any arty types or associated tradies as I am always here to help.






‘Adios blog posting this girl is fully booked!’

I will be taking a break from blog posting for a spell (so yes, pretty much taking a break from myself) as it is late on a Wednesday night and I am just getting around to realising I haven’t done a “sunday session” blog post yet so that should give you an indication of how busy I am at present.

I feel incredibly lucky to be absolutely totally and completely booked for all interior design and styling work at present so have decided I need to spend my 1 day off per week actually having a life with my husband and family instead of being completely crazily obsessed with design 7 days a week 24 hours a day and operating on minimal sleep which has been my life for the year thus far…Not anymore though.

I will offline for a little while but I am still here working away in the background so if you have a project and you are even slightly organised enough to give me some notice I will be happy to help you with advice, a quote or to pencil in an appointment many weeks from now and of course I am grateful that you even thought of me enough to visit my site because here you are reading this thinking “Oh shit I should have contacted this girl earlier” and Yes, yes you should have but you didn’t and now you are going into a line with all the other people who also didn’t call me early enough but I do look forward to hearing about your project so feel free to email me ( design@ladydarwin.com.au ) or fill in the contact form on this site and I promise I will get back to you…eventually. I will still be posting here and there on my facebook page if you want to keep in touch but don’t even think about calling me as I am a call screening witch from hell and my voicemail service is a black abyss … my own dear mother is lucky if I answer her calls.

So, for now I am trying to work out how I will manage all of my interior design projects, renovations, art sourcing, furniture specification, wedding and event stylings and all of the other little projects and fun things that I agree to take on or to help people with while I flounder in a creative mess but do not despair… I have returned to yoga and renewed my wine club subscription so I have got this well on the way to being sorted.

Thank you for the love people it helps me more than you know.


14.5.17 ‘Colour inspo for Darwin Interiors”

I find myself once again in awe of the inspiration that swirls around me in every direction of this paradise that I live in, Some days it is a struggle to get on with day to day tasks when you are surrounded by such immense beauty and any infinite number of distractions.

This is just a fraction of the colours of nature inspiring my projects this week:

Happy weekend to you, Especially if you are a mother on this mothers day you beautiful wild wonderful woman.