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The studio has been abuzz of late with a jumble of projects on the go so please be sure to book in early for your personalised Lady Darwin Design experience.

With the rest of the world in a state of corona shutdown we are very lucky to be largely unaffected here in sunny Darwin and if anything …the construction industry has got even busier so I am now fully committed until the new year.

Darwin interior design

Head over to instagram ‘ladydarwindesign’ and checkout ‘stories’ to see what is happening in the studio on a day to day basis.

Online consulting is still available Australia wide so reach out… I would love to hear about your interior projects and look forward to being a part of them.



Sunday session 10.5.15

This week has been an inspiring one. I have discovered some new (well, new to me) furniture suppliers, a homewares wholesaler as well as various other little treasures to add to my never ending collection that I draw on. I had a visit from a Materialised fabric rep who brought some lovely new ranges that I look forward to using and I also met a new artist whose ranges I will now represent.

I am loving the new ranges by Materialised in lots of fresh colours perfect for Darwin dry season
I am loving the new ranges by Materialised in lots of fresh colours perfect for Darwin dry season


I can never decide which prints I like best
I can never decide which prints I like best

Here is a little sneak peak of what I have going on project wise at the moment:

6a00d83539e9ed69e20147e1f73bba970b-580wi Original-brian-patrick-flynn-yellow-dining-room-chair-upholstery_s3x4_lg

'Adrift' a beautiful piece that I hope to use in a seaside restaurant with the below wall paper behind it
‘Adrift’ a beautiful piece that I hope to use in a seaside restaurant with the below wall paper behind it

Art sourcing and specifying is another service I offer, most pieces I work with are made right here in the Territory by local artists
Art sourcing and specifying is another service I offer, most pieces I work with are made right here in the Territory by local artists

Driftwood wallpaper

I have an outdoor patio project on the go for a stunning new build home that has been a breeze to do, turkish lantern tiles, Materialised acorn print upholstery on furniture with sleek lineal lines, one of my favourite ‘Botanist’ tables teamed with plum coloured furnishings and a matching outdoor rug, all against a backdrop of bright red lipstick palms….Not that I am planting these – I have outsourced the garden side of things to a local ‘plant man” who has been hilarious to work with, a topless tanned man of mid fifties with a weathered face and a broad smile..and big dirty boots that keep messing up my patio area while we fight for space.

78406 Acorn fabric by Materilises Balmoral armless chair Hive_Side_Berry Lipstick palms Northridge berry rug

Another little job I did for an old favourite client of mine included this stunning new rug that I am still waiting to order with some simple little chairs from Freedom, new paint in rose, pale mint and mushrooms, with art in brighter shades of greens and muted rose.

rose, mint, mushroom colour palette

Transience_design-MinaleMaeda_for_Nodus_MG_6308 copy

Slipper Chair in Chevron Taupe upholstery by Freedom
Slipper Chair in Chevron Taupe upholstery by Freedom

Here are some gorgeous spaces that have inspired me this week and further fuelled my desire to beautify the world one space at a time.


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I will leave you with some sites I liked this week The new bohemians, and the White Bohemian, Also this amazing tree house called the Cinder Cone (I am in AWE of these guys and have just subscribed to their blogs as they are my new heroes and I want to go join them) that has me about ready to go and find a big tree on my families rural retreat and get building. xox


Happy sunday to you! xox


Darwinlife articles – March

Have you seen these hot little items in the latest Darwinlife Magazine yet? You can flip though online now so Here’s the current edition.

Bits and pieces I have selected
Bits and pieces I have selected

Lady Darwin home stylefile

I especially like how I have been paired in the same spread at the guys at Haymes paint (see below) Now, this is coincidental (I think) but it works really well as these are the guys with the fabbo colours that I recommend for all my projects. You can find them at Palmerston Paint supplies and I will have more news later on a little collaboration we are doing together next month.

Mag spread

Want to know more about stuff??

Here’s all the links to the item’s that I promoted in these articles. So you can stop texting/ emailing me questions… you know who you are and I’m a busy woman.

* My gorgeous gorgeous friend Mette’s gorgeous gorgeous threads are available here. If you want to see more of her stuff it was featured at fashion week here. Personally I love everything she makes, Yes I am biased.

* The most beautiful pendant in the world … also know as the Opal Lavier pendant by local success story Paspaley Pearls can be purchased here. Grab me one while you are there will you?

* Violetta sandals  (yes I love the name too) by one of my fave designers Karl Lagerfield… these are from Me and my Lama in the city – find them here.

* Who doesn’t love a cute clutch- noone thats right. I recently purchased 2 clutch bags and a pair of heels from Betts in the city and they were all under $60- bargain. Check them out here , PLUS they have 3 stores in our tiny little town. Winning.

* Opals are a current fave of mine- these guys at World of Opal do them well but for some reason haven’t grasped the internet or social media…so go find them at 3/52 Mitchell Street, Darwin
or call (08) 8981 8981.

Disclaimer time: I would  like to point out that I am in no way sponsored by these companies / brands and have carefully selected all items of my own free will without any bribery or monetary gain. But feel free to throw some my way if you so feel inclined. I’m kidding. Or am I? 😉 Paspaley? yeah- I’m talking directly to you. I’m happy to model them while I can’t currently afford them 😉

I implore you all to support more local business in our town as some of them are struggling, If you are a small business (or a big one) or even better a creative type who makes things please feel free to contact me for possible inclusion in one of my upcoming articles. I love to share the local love – lets get together.

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House envy- white and zen

I love white. it feels so crisp and clean and zen. Maybe I could manage white? we don’t have any kids yet, I’m a designer and I deal with colour everyday so maybe I should do white at home? – designers do white,  according to the magazines on my coffee table they do anyway.

As I write this the dog walks through the back door and gleefully comes up rest his head on my knees…trailing muddy little paw prints all the way around the living room table to where I am sitting. I frown at him.. he beams back up at me 😀 I don’t bother telling him off … he’s happy as! -he  just jumped out of his little kiddy pool and has no idea what he’s done. In fact this is the 3rd time this morning he’s done this, the mops still resting against the fridge from the last time I cleaned it up an hour ago. But who am I to tell him he can’t swim and then come inside I mean,  it’s Darwin-  its the build up, its BLOODY hot as hell! Infact, I think I might go get in his kiddy pool. No I don’t think we can do white.  I will blame it on the dog but really, who am I kidding – I despise cleaning! dusting of walls? no thank’s I’ve got more important things to do, wiping of surfaces? only when there’s an obvious spill on them. No I am sure we can’t do white, not right now, maybe not ever. So I look at other people homes and I dream.

SFD4CF545AFA54D4AD7A3CD7B6A4BE60EBB SFD556B5E2D14F64580A5900E6880B2EE37 white-apartment-680x503 white-apartment-greens-bedroom-black-680x503 white-apartment-greens-bedroom-fur-sheepskin-throw-680x503 white-apartment-greens-copper-sink-kitchen-680x510 white-apartment-greens-dining-room-680x503 white-apartment-greens-dining-room-table-680x510 white-apartment-greens-kitchen-copper--680x503 white-apartment-greens-kitchen-copper-handles-680x503 white-apartment-greens-living-room-680x510 white-apartment-greens-rocking-chair-680x510 white-apartment-greens-sofa-680x503 white-apartment-greens-sofa-rustic-680x503