Who is Lady Darwin?

Design with a creative difference.

My approach to Interior Design is informed by a combination of many years of formal training plus natural raw ability and creative flair, The stuff that you can’t be taught you either have a natural affinity for it, or you don’t.

I now have over a decade of professional design and styling experience behind me, though I have been rearranging furniture and experimenting with colour my whole life. I enjoy working alongside Architects, Developers, Builders and DIY home renovators alike.

I have contacts for sourcing many weird and wonderful things and am particularly passionate about antiques, art and anything slightly offbeat. Having a passion for quality original pieces and a talent for delivering innovative soulful spaces I offer a customised service as straight forward or quirky as you like.

You may not know this yet but I am happily immersed in design every single day, I pride myself on obsessive attention to the artistic detail and can turn your vision into an easy reality providing a unique, creative and liveable space.

Born and bred in Darwin I was lucky enough to be blessed with a strong artistic family background. My early life was spent surrounded by culture and peppered with travel which has provided immeasurable creative energy that is essential to not only a career, but a life in Design.

I am also very passionate about living a positive, enthusiastic life and I believe this is reflected in my work.

I believe that our surroundings have the capacity to significantly influence our mood and overall wellbeing so good design therefore enhances the quality of our lives.

The name ‘Lady Darwin’ originates from friends and colleagues in the industry referring to “The lady from Darwin” when I travelled and is also a tribute to my personal endeavour to preserve some of the old-fashioned grace and elegance that is often missing in modern life.

As well as interiors I also style for magazines, branding, photo shoots or events and I write about all of these things too. I can be your ‘one-stop creative shop’ or work with you to create your own magic so I encourage collaborations of all kinds, for all sorts of projects.

You can see life through my eyes on my Instagram or the things that I like on my Facebook page.

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