‘A photo a day from a gypsy’

I am currently packing up my home and business to hit the road and be a full-time gypsy for a little while so I will be posting a photo a day on instagram (when in reception) of our adventures on the road from October. Things that inspire me, places we go or just the things that catch my eye… all of this will form part of my next creative venture so I am very excited to get moving.

As part of my very cliche “Blessed” new motherhood role I know I needed to shake things up a bit and get out of my comfort zone … away from the mundane cafe coffee dates that seem to be modern “Mum life” these days as that is just Not.For.Me.

The husband and I have planned this trip for a long time and can’t wait to disappear off into the wilderness for a spell to get back to the roots of what actually being a parent is all about, Spending undivided time with your child and each other so off we will go travelling the wide lands of Oz.

My middle name is actually Gypsy so it is only fitting that we have no set route or timeframe as yet and will be making things up as we go along, You can follow our journey on Instagram here. 

Please get in touch via the contact form if you have any tips or ‘must see places’ to recommend to us and note I will be available for consulting and online design only during this time.