Darwin design – Book early

The studio has been abuzz of late with a jumble of projects on the go so please be sure to book in early for your personalised Lady Darwin Design experience.

With the rest of the world in a state of corona shutdown we are very lucky to be largely unaffected here in sunny Darwin and if anything …the construction industry has got even busier so I am now fully committed until the new year.

Darwin interior design

Head over to instagram ‘ladydarwindesign’ and checkout ‘stories’ to see what is happening in the studio on a day to day basis.

Online consulting is still available Australia wide so reach out… I would love to hear about your interior projects and look forward to being a part of them.



“Why online design is so fine!”

Ok everyone is doing it, It’s not a new thing but it is a convenient thing and I am doing it too.

I am talking about online business folks! What with most of the world in Corona virus isolation … flattening the curve, Social distancing, “Is there toilet paper at Fannie Bay IGA?” – These are all new things that I certainly was not saying until around a month ago but here we are.

Now, Booking online design. Head over to the contact page or email me … Yep it is THAT easy.

This is a service I have offered for many years as well as consulting rates for people who just need a little bit of help rather than a lot but until recently Online design was something I only did a couple of times a year and generally only for interstate clients but recently this has become the norm and I am pretty sure I am not the only one who is loving sitting at my laptop, Half dressed ‘cos no-one can see that I don’t have shoes on (amongst other things) while connecting with people and sharing my passion for what I love – Which is helping YOU create a beautiful and functional space that you will love to be in.

We can chat plans for renovations or new builds, I can give you styling ideas to revamp a bedroom, purchase a new sofa, choose curtains or colours for your space. We can do video calls for live feedback or for help making selections on anything that you are unsure about for your interiors.

Maybe you need help making decisions on things like tap ware for a kitchen or bathroom or picking the right size/ scale of furniture for your rooms. All of these are choices I make every single day so to me they  are easy peasy whereas many people find them stressful or daunting.

a 1 hour online design consultation is now just $150 until June so now is the perfect time to get some professional advice on those projects you finally have the time to get around to doing …so do them well with some professional guidance and pick my brain, All from the comfort of your sofa, or verandah.. or better yet the pool!

Contact me … I would love to help.




Booking me

Hi thanks for stopping by.

My phone has been ringing hot lately with new enquiries which is GREAT but I can’t keep up!

I am a one woman show on the contact front so if you call me please leave a detailed message or better yet send me an email here because I get to them daily whereas my Messagebank is an overflowing tangle of voices and numbers that I usually get to every few days.. late at night and then write them into my never-ending diaries ‘To do’ list.

For daily design inspiration come and say hello on Instagram, The place I share beautiful photos of what I am working on, what is inspiring me or quite often just where I am hanging out with snippets of cooking for family and friends, Sipping glasses of wine beachside and the brief peeks into the moments that make me so grateful for my simple and very beautiful life that I would love to share more of with you.

I hope my work and blog… which I will get back to soon, Brings you some inspiration for your interiors or creative ventures. I would like to hear about your home plans and give you ideas as I really do live for design.

I aim to create beautiful spaces that people love being in and maybe … hopefully I can encourage you to chase down your own dreams in the process.xox


Taking bookings for 2020

Well hello ahh where did the decade go? One minute I am fresh faced sipping a Long Island Iced tea in my favourite bar haunt trying to work out what day it is, The next I am buying potting mix on a Sunday morning at Bunnings wondering when I turned into my mother?

That aside, I have reorganised my life in our tiny house again after a year of travelling plus “Mum-ing” and I am back at my design and taking bookings for the year ahead.

With a little super woman juggling I figure I can take on 3 large projects a month or 6 small at the moment and probably lots of little fun creative add ons in between because I love what I do … Plus I never did learn how to say no when it comes to interiors or arty collabs.

Ask me about renovations, Hit me up for colour consulting, Email me your plans, dreams or ideas and I would love to chat. Are you building your dream home or just tarting up your current abode? Opening a cafe or freshening up an office space to reflect your new direction for the year, If you want to create a space with personality … I have stacks and I am willing to share.

I love Darwin and most importantly I am from Darwin so I have the right contacts and I live for interiors, furniture, homewares & art. Contact me … let’s be friends!



Lady Darwin home sweet home!

We have returned to my beloved Darwin after a wonderous year of living on the road in our trusty Toyota towing an Aussie Swag camper trailer.

I will share more of our travels with you in time but for now I am thrilled to be home and looking forward to getting back into the swing of things design wise as I have missed all things interior and decor.

Do you have a project you need help with soon?

Hit me up! I am brimming over with inspiration.



‘A photo a day from a gypsy’

I am currently packing up my home and business to hit the road and be a full-time gypsy for a little while so I will be posting a photo a day on instagram (when in reception) of our adventures on the road from October. Things that inspire me, places we go or just the things that catch my eye… all of this will form part of my next creative venture so I am very excited to get moving.

As part of my very cliche “Blessed” new motherhood role I know I needed to shake things up a bit and get out of my comfort zone … away from the mundane cafe coffee dates that seem to be modern “Mum life” these days as that is just Not.For.Me.

The husband and I have planned this trip for a long time and can’t wait to disappear off into the wilderness for a spell to get back to the roots of what actually being a parent is all about, Spending undivided time with your child and each other so off we will go travelling the wide lands of Oz.

My middle name is actually Gypsy so it is only fitting that we have no set route or timeframe as yet and will be making things up as we go along, You can follow our journey on Instagram here. 

Please get in touch via the contact form if you have any tips or ‘must see places’ to recommend to us and note I will be available for consulting and online design only during this time.