Blush obsession

Blush, dusty pastel pink, pale rose, light rouge, blossom, musk.  I am having a little blush obsession today as I do some "design hunting' for a styling project I am working on for a very feminine photo shoot I have to do soon. Don't like blush? … [Read more]

9.10.16 ‘A week of wonders’

I have some weird and wonderful things on my creative plate this week. It's a mid sized plate... larger than a desert plate, sayyyyy somewhere in between an entree plate and a full fat piggy platter. It has been one of those unexpectedly varied … [Read more]

2.10.16 ‘October freaks me out’

I had a little argument with a builder recently ...he glanced at a table we were discussing and declared it 600mm round. I told him it was actually 450mm ( I know this as I put it there and had specified it). He dismissed me with a shake of his head … [Read more]

25.9.16 Sunday session ‘Weekend habits’

As the end of yet another month looms I am trying to slow things down and focus more on my own house and the people who mean the most to me instead of agreeing to do all sorts of little design and styling jobs that I should just politely decline as … [Read more]

19.9.16 Sunday session

Within every woman there is a wild creature, a powerful force filled with good instincts, passionate creativity and ageless knowing. I am tired of working all the time, I am restless again I haven't been overseas for a few months and this bothers … [Read more]